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Global Appearance Partners is the leading aircraft appearance management company in the nation. We act on behalf of our customers to schedule, manage, track, and report on all aircraft cleanings arranged across the country. Simply put, we look to be your one-stop-shop for how you clean and maintain your fleet.

We offer a 24/7, single point of contact solution to clean your aircraft wherever you may travel. We also provide access to our custom-built software which allows you access to what is happening with your aircraft in real time as well as have a full history of every single cleaning. Our goal is 100% full transparency. Furthermore, there are no fees or contracts so if you are ever unhappy with a cleaning, and we can't make it right, you simply won't pay.

Global Appearance Partners exists to provide world class detailing management services to the business aviation market, throughout the United States and abroad, utilizing a single point of contact. Through our network of world class aircraft detailing professionals, we are here to support you and your aircraft in a manner second to none.


We offer full management programs that include budget building and recommended detailing schedules.


Our scheduling department is here for you 24/7 offering a single point of contact for all your cleaning needs, no matter where your aircraft is.


Our custom-built software is used to monitor and track every cleaning on every plane in real time.


In addition to real-time updates through our software, we can provide custom reports to show how your fleet is being maintained at all times.

" Utilizing our system will ensure lower costs and less hassle wherever your fleet may travel "


Global Appearance Partners was founded on the basis that there must be a better way to keep your aircraft looking sharp. Sometimes overlooked, regular aircraft cleaning and detailing is paramount to ensuring a long lasting, enjoyable experience on the aircraft. The team at Global Appearance Partners, has committed their experience in this field of operations to better manage, standardize, and streamline aircraft cleanings nationwide.


Grant R. Hundley

After nearly a decade of working in, and ultimately managing, the aircraft appearance program at NetJets, Grant decided to take his talents out on his own and helped to co-found Global Appearance Partners. Formed in 2010, Grant recognized an opportunity, and realized a need for business aircraft owners to have a streamlined approach to maintaining their aircraft interiors and exteriors.

As President & Co-Founder, Grant directs operations for Global Appearance Partners. Along with a team, whose combined experience spans more than 30 years in business aviation, Grant is responsible for ensuring the operational goals of the company are achieved, while also maintaining valuable relationships within the aviation community including detailing vendors and operators alike.

Jared R. Wolf

Jared joined Global Appearance Partners in 2016 after nearly 10 years at Flight Options and Flexjet. Starting his career in the scheduling department, Jared worked his way up to Senior Operations Manager with oversight of the charter department and managed aircraft program. He was involved at all levels from budget building and management, to billing and personnel management.

Jared heavily participated in the overall management of the day-to-day flight operations and helped to develop new programs and partnerships, both within and outside the company.

Today, as Executive Vice President, Jared oversees sales, finance, and business development for Global Appearance Partners. Together with Grant, Jared looks to continue to grow Global Appearance Partners for years to come.


At Global Appearance Partners, we have partnered with all major professional detailing companies to build a program that allows us to standardize pricing regardless of location. Not all aircraft detailers are created equal, and depending where you are in the country, vendors differ in both quality and consistency. We constantly work to ensure that we have partnered with only the best in the industry.

In early 2016 the FAA published InFO 16005 which outlines the avoidance of automotive detailing companies working on your aircraft. Detailing a car and detailing an aircraft are two very different practices. We audit our vendors to ensure that they are only using aviation grade products on your aircraft and that all insurance requirements are complied with.

Since we have partnered with the best vendors in the industry, we can accommodate the smallest spill to the most detailed polish available. We can often do this with little notice and short time frames.

We partner with only the most qualified detailing professionals. We could not help you, the customer, without their continued support and drive for excellence.


For more information about Global Appearance Partners, please send us an email at schedule@global-appearance.com and we'll reach out to you to discuss how we can help meet your detailing needs.

Or, to simply schedule a cleaning, please complete the form below. Thank you for your business and continued support!

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